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From membership application to conference certification.

Membership Management

Pamper your members and grow your base

A solid administration is the backbone of every specialized society. Our membership module streamlines your processes in a breath: Applications, admissions, renewals, payments and much more – always keep track of your tasks.

Key Features at a glance

  • Customizable application process, incl. document uploads
  • Freely configurable member types, fees and discount periods
  • Automated confirmation emails
  • Adaptable application and renewal periods
  • Down payment, incl. country restrictions and convenience fees
  • Clear backend, incl. member profiles and email history
  • Expiry warning and reminder dispatch
  • Customizable exports and clear graphical statistics
  • Exclusive member area, incl. directory and journal access
  • In-line with conference registration

Individual Registration

Welcome your participants with a clear registration process

With our fully configurable booking and payment process you satisfy your participants and keep track of your sales at any time. Efficient onsite solutions complement the registration experience and ensure a successful start into your conference.

Key Features at a glance

  • Freely configurable ticket pricing based on any currencies and tax rates
  • Individual queries, incl. document and photo uploads
  • Simple and comprehensive setup, incl. discount periods and dependencies
  • Flexible quotas and waiting lists
  • Auto-assignment of participants types based on date of birth or country of origin
  • Online payment including country restrictions and convenience fees
  • Bookings for third parties and small groups
  • Automated invoice and payment confirmation emails
  • Comprehensive backend including email and payment history
  • Customizable exports and clear graphical statistics
  • Continues onsite registration without any data transfer gaps
  • In-line with membership management

Group Registration

Empower group operators and relieve your team

The comprehensive supplement to our individual registration. Support agencies, industry sponsors or further organizations with a convenient platform to manage invitations and bookings.

The clever and flexible process

  • Group operator purchase individual quotas of certain ticket categories
  • Group operators assign tickets to their group members
  • Changes can be made until the defined deadline
  • Group members get informed automatically or individually by the operator
  • Onsite, the operator either receives all badges or invites members to an individual pickup

Key Features at a glance

  • Optional application process and contracting for group operators
  • Participant registration via bulk upload or individual input
  • Flexible quota purchase and assignment
  • Fully controlled by the group operator
  • Customizable mailing and badging process

Hotel Booking

Market exclusive room quotas to your participants

No matter if you want to provide special prices for the conference hotel only or if you block quotas all over the city – with our hotel module you create attractive room presentations and provide your participant with a seamless booking process.

Key features at a glance

  • Linkable to the general registration process
  • Customizable hotel descriptions including pictures and room facilities
  • Freely configurable room pricing based on any currencies and tax rates
  • Integrated online payment process
  • Setup including discount periods and quotas
  • Automated invoice and payment confirmation emails
  • Comprehensive backend including email and payment history
  • Customizable exports and reporting


Issue certificates for download and print

Create your individual evaluation system and provide digital or printed certificates. Automated assignment of CME credits based on predefined rules and transmission to appropriate authorities.

  • Configurable certification rules
  • Automated certificate generating
  • Individual download for participants
  • On-site print for certificates of attendance and detailed CME certificates
  • Compatible with on-site tracking solutions
  • Fully customizable template design
  • Integration of German CME numbers (Einheitliche Fortbildungsnummer - EFN)
  • Helpdesk for print and download control


From the first abstract to high-quality sessions

Abstract Handling

Setup an extremely organized submission and review process

Collecting valuable abstracts and supporting the scientific committee with a convenient review process is the key to a successful conference. With our abstract module societies easily handle all corresponding tasks in-house and PCOs expand their service portfolio.

Submission Key Features at a glance

  • Customizable categories, key words and presentation types
  • Compatible with all text, table and image formats
  • Automated and configurable word and character count
  • Configurable restrictions for quantity of authors per abstract
  • Optional declaration of on-site presenter
  • Adjustable step by step checklist
  • Progress bar and abstract overview for authors
  • Continues editing until submission deadline
  • Clear backend including all relevant information and remote control
  • Graphical statistics and custom exports

Review Key Features at a glance

  • Configurable automated or manual committee setup
  • Automated reviewer invitation via email
  • Individual reviewer access based on single login
  • Minimum and maximum reviews per abstract and reviewer
  • Additional authorities assignable to chairmen
  • Fully customizable rating system, including criteria weighting
  • Rights of proposal for reviewers regarding title, category, key words, etc.
  • Customizable visibility of abstract information including blind revisions
  • Single or overall PDF exports of assigned abstracts
  • Clear backend including detailed rating profiles per abstract
  • Customizable exports for publishing
  • Compatible with Programme Planning (drag & drop)

Session Proposal

Invite your scientific basis to refine your content.

With our session proposal module, you offer your experts the perfect platform for scientific evolution. Keep all information in one place and never lose control while your programme takes shape as if by magic.

  • Configure categories, timings, session types, etc.
  • Simple verification and processing through single login
  • Customizable session categories, topics and duration
  • Configurable queries and scale of mandatory information
  • Automated confirmation mailings
  • Clear helpdesk and mailing history
  • Flexible review assignment
  • Committee collaboration tools

Programme Planning

Keep your programme attractive and up to date

Create an attractive conference programme based on accepted abstracts, sessions and individual invitations. Generate flexible exports for print and synchronize all digital interfaces from one single database.

  • fully customizable categories, timings, presentation types, etc.
  • user friendly drag & drop of accepted abstracts and sessions
  • automated duration calculations based on session length and number of presentations
  • collision control regarding timings, locations and speakers
  • simple integration on your website via plugin
  • linked to m-anage conference app and presentation upload
  • compatible with M Events presentation management and digital signage
  • live synchronization throughout all linked digital interfaces
  • personal programme including outlook integration and pdf downloads

Speaker Management

Maintain all relevant speaker information in one clear database.

Choose the best speakers for your conferences according to their specialty, reputation and allowances. Establish a reliable pool for urgent replacements and use the database for loyalty measures.

  • Across conferences speaker relations and management database
  • One click single and bulk speaker invitations per email
  • Simple invitation acceptance for speakers via direct link
  • Replacement proposal option for refusing speakers
  • Automated speaker change after replacement approval
  • Clear backend including speaker profiles and email history
  • Linked to programme planning and presentation upload

Disclosure Management

Establish transparency and streamline data acquisition.

Invite your speakers to disclose potential conflicts of interest and meet ethical and increasing legal requirements. Keep the information updated and automatically insert it into presentations or export it for the general conference certification at any time.

  • Simple setup and customizable queries
  • Linkable to invitation process
  • Customizable email confirmations
  • Assignable to specific sessions or presentation types
  • Linkable to presentation upload
  • Automated slide integration into onsite presentations
  • Comprehensive statistics and exports
  • Optional public distribution on your website

Presentation Upload

Invite speakers to upload and modify presentations and ePosters at any time.

Save time and on-site resources by allowing your speakers to upload and modify their presentations online before and during the conference. After an automated technical review all presentations are automatically linked to the intended sessions.

  • Invitation mailing, incl. direct link to upload for speakers
  • Linked to m-anage program planning and COI module
  • Automated technical review and online preview
  • Customizable presentation types and file formats
  • Integrated voice recording for audio ePosters
  • Comprehensive helpdesk, incl. upload status and error reporting
  • Email history and upload statistics
  • Linked to M Events on-site presentation management and ePoster solutions


From evaluation to marketing measures  


Create an online gateway to all conference and society related activities

While visitors comfortably manage their tasks, your team benefits from valuable data for precise marketing measures.


Live statistics and integration

Enjoy a huge amount of diagrammed live statistics and integrate them into your further decision-making process. Show them directly on your website and attract potential sponsors for upcoming events.

Custom Exports

Exports for your requirements

Export custom data according to your specific requirements. Easily import the data to your preferred applications or profit from a variety of established interfaces.


Keep track of your participants

Evaluate your online campaigns with our comprehensive website tracking. Understand your participants' demands by their behaviour on the website within our conference app. 


Surveys for sessions and more

Invite your participants to evaluate sessions or relevant content. Link custom surveys to the certification process and display them online or in our conference app.