The seamless transition to your venue.

Transfer your conference from the web to any kind of venue.
No registration time-outs. No error-prone data transfers. Streamlined event efficiency.





Prevent queuing and optimize staff deployment.

Automated Badge-Print

Create individual badges for different participant categories with our integrated badge designer. Avoid inconvenient preprint and time consuming badge distribution processes. Participants easily scan their confirmation barcodes and automatically receive personalized badges within seconds.

  • live badge self-print
  • quick processing time
  • customizable print rules
  • adjusted hardware components
  • integrated badge designer
  • optional voucher and ticket print


Leave your registration open and allow participants register themselves on-site. Invite your visitors to book additional tickets to restricted sessions and courses by logging in by scanning the QR-codes on their badges.

  • immediate conference access
  • integrated payment solutions
  • effective ticket upselling
  • easy booking through self-scan booking
  • flexible hardware components
  • simple onsite setup

Flying Helpdesk

Provide hostesses with our optimized mobile helpdesk for flexible support and interaction. Hosts easily access restricted visitor information on our tablet solution to complete data or look up confirmation barcodes for scanning and printing.

  • optimized mobile helpdesk
  • immediate visitor support
  • intuitive mobile view for hosts and hostesses
  • high-performance tablets


m-anage access and monitor visitor streams

Access Control Terminals

Control the general access to your venue or to restricted sessions with our proven and solid scan terminals.

  • live attendance monitoring
  • customizable live access rules
  • CME acquistion and evaluation
  • adjusted standalone terminals

Session Scanning Terminals

Monitor the traffic and attendance figures of your sessions to adjust your programme for future conferences.


Evaluate your certification rules in real time and offer an automated certificate print to your participants.


The flexible app for valuable leads

Conference App

Show your live programme including session content in our advanced app. Provide your visitors with useful information and create advertising space for your exhibitors. Invite your participants to substantial interaction and live commenting.

  • Available for iOS and Android or as mobile webapp
  • Searchable and interactive programme
  • Interactive venue floorplan
  • Exhibitor floorplan, lists and comprehensive profiles
  • Webcast, ePoster and abstract integration
  • Session and presentation evaluation connectable to certification
  • Live voting
  • Push notifications
  • Multiple sponsoring opportunities
  • Personal programme, comments, and messages
  • Integrated contact and networking tool
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Lead Retrieval

Forget about handheld scanners and offer our convenient lead retrieval app for stands and symposia. Exhibitors scan their visitors’ QR-codes and edit the information straightaway. The sales team receives qualified leads for an effective follow-up.

  • Applicable for all conferences due to simple QR-code adjustment
  • Compatible with all iOS mobile devices
  • Intuitive touch interface
  • Offline scanning
  • Quick scanning for symposia
  • Custom tags and qualifiers
  • Comments and notes
  • Graphical lead and tag statistics
  • Automated cloud backup

Session Scanning

Flexibly provide your hostesses with our mobile session scan app. Receive the data and real time and keep track of your audience flow. Run the app licences on your own iOS devices or rely on our ready to use hardware.

  • Connectable to program planning and certification
  • Real-time access authorisation
  • No additional ticket prints required
  • Flexible iPhones for floating or permanent use by host / hostess
  • No additional internet ports required due to Wi-Fi and economic LTE fallback
  • Simple location assignment and flexible reaction to room changes
  • Immediate and customizable acoustic and visual feedback
  • Applicable for bag or similar material distributions onsite
  • Live statistics and exports at any time
  • Automated cloud backup
  • Low transport costs